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Our 2013 Kid Crop is on the Ground!!!

Here are a few of our babies playing on a log.  We started kidding  the first of January and we've had over 125 babies born this year.  Kidding season is now over and we are in the midst of our breeding season.  We added another buck to our herd and he's busy with our younger does. 

New Twins!!

Here's one pair of twins born this year.  All of our kids are weaned and doing well.  We started breeding our older does September 1st and our younger does October 1st.  Looking forward to kidding season.  We have 7 fullblood bucklings born in January and February that we will be selling.

Why Raise Goats?

Now seems to be the time to take advantage of the rising demand for goat meat in the United States. The meat goat industry is now the fastest growing livestock segment in the United States and the demand for goat meat is expected to double in the next 6 to 10 years.  The increasing economic importance of meat goat production in the U.S. can be attributed primarily to a strong demand for goat meat from a fast growing ethnic population. Many ethnic groups - including Hispanic, Muslim, Caribbean and many other people - enjoy goat meat.  Goat meat is the most consumed meat in the world and with the increasing ethnic population the demand is growing rapidly in the U. S.  Demand is currently about double the domestic production, so there is ample room for expansion.  Americans are now finding out the healthy atrributes of goat meat and it is beginning to show up in mainstream America. 

Meat goats fit in well with other enterprises, particularly cattle operations, and may be used to control noxious weeds and brush to improve pastures for other livestock.

Some breeds of meat goats can be raised with very little supplemental grain and with minimal shelter, and are generally an easy-care animal. The key management issues for a successful meat goat enterprise are fencing, parasite control, good mothering does, low kid attrition, predator control, and marketing. Breeding stock is also very important, we have chosen the Kiko breed and now after 6 years of experience are very pleased that we did.  (Click here to see why we believe Kiko's are your best choice of breeds).

While goats are enjoyable to raise and can be profitable, they are not a way to "get rich quick". As with any farming endeavor, knowledge and skills are essential for success. Call or e-mail us, we'll be happy to discuss raising meat goats and share the experience we have gained. 

The Florida Goat Ranch is owned by Larry and Susie Reeves and is conveniently  located in North Central Florida near Hawthorne. We raise fullblood Kiko and percentage Kiko goats for the commercial meat market and for the breeder market.  Larry and Susie have been raising Kikos on their 70 acre farm for six years.  They have both attended the Florida A&M University Master Goat Breeder School.


We are a large enough operation that we generally have does and doelings available for sale.  We also have a few fullblood young bucks available.

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